Why WordCritic?

Quality Translation / Adaptation and Creative Writing

Powered by a carefully selected team of highly qualified and competent professionals, WordCritic goes beyond delivering basic copywriting and translation services, to provide rich and creative writings in addition to highly accurate transcreations/adaptations and translations that preserve the intent, style, tone and context of the original text, while adapting it from one language to another. Driven by a multifaceted approach to work, we employ our talent, expertise and passion for words, to deliver high quality complex projects on time and on budget.

Rather than overpaying a dedicated PR firm for Copywriting & Translation services – an inevitable fact considering its huge overhead expenses – why not collaborate directly with the copywriters and translators potentially working there in the first place, who have no overhead costs to transfer to you? This is the modus operandi of WordCritic, which enables us to provide top quality work for our clients at affordable rates.