BMW iNext = BMW iX5

The Real Deal is coming soon

The upcoming BMW iX5, based on the iNext concept car, is set to reign supreme in the electric automotive stage as a technological tour de force, with smart design, clever packaging, in addition to highly advanced connectivity, level 3 autonomy and cutting edge electrification strategy. Expect a powerful 4X drivetrain and a 600 km range, along with a hugely impressive interior featuring a giant and highly customizable curved display

Geely Automotive bolsters its Corporate Social Responsibility with Cutting Edge Air Filtration Technology

Enhanced Drivers’ Health in a time of heightened Virus Threat

In an effort to promote safety and hygiene in a time of prolonged virus threat, Geely Automotive launched the industry’s first medically validated “CN95 air filter” in its vehicles’ air conditioning systems. Taking its cue from the N95 masks that are a hot commodity nowadays, the highly efficient CN95 Purification system sterilizes, removes odors and allergens, and filters at least 95 percent of impurities in the air. It is set to be used in all Geely models sold overseas.